Professional Growth for
Classroom and Specialist Teachers
Effective Classroom Teachers
and What They Do
Successful teachers are aware that the learning process is a very complex matter and that effective teaching involves a synthesis of several essential components. No teacher can be truly effective without on-going professional growth and it is the duty of all educators to constantly examine and evaluate their knowledge and skills and their commitment to student learning. This 22-page professional growth instrument, available in English and French, is designed to assist all teachers in achieving maximum effectiveness in their own classrooms.
The Teacher Effectiveness Series
EAA has developed a number of administrative materials for principals and vice-principals to support their work with specialist staff members. Needs can change over a period of time and fresh approaches are often required as new initiatives and innovations are introduced. The Teacher Effectiveness series was introduced as a self-evaluation program for specialist teachers. This 20-page instrument has been used successfully for a number of years in many education jurisdictions as a preliminary self assessment and prime basis for professional growth.
Special Education
Special Education teachers have some unique duties and responsibilities. An awareness of what they are can greatly assist teachers in these positions to develop an appropriate professional growth program suited to their unique requirements.
Teacher Librarian
The success of a school's teacher-librarian is of vital importance to the overall success of the school. This resource identifies specific areas of expertise to be addressed by teacher-librarians and enables them to develop their own growth plan for success.
All educators are expected to engage in a continuous process of professional growth and development. The duties and responsibilities of teachers are legally, socially, and educationally based, and professional growth must relate  accurately to the accepted standards of practice. EAA offers the following programs to assist in initiating the process of professional growth.
Second Languages
This instrument has been specially written for teachers of second languages, including FSL and ESL. Teachers in this position need to develop a comprehensive role by integrating their unique duties into the general needs of the school.  This resource helps them to do so.
Vocal Music
The music programs is viewed by most jurisdictions as an essential educational experience for all students. The knowledge and skills required of a vocal music teacher are many and varied. This instrument identifies the fundamental components