A Skylark in Blue Yonder
by Jon Brownridge

Extract from
A Skylark in Blue Yonder

Champagne, Friendship, and Camaraderie

The level of elation and excitement among my teachers was extraordinary. As we sipped champagne and nibbled on strawberries, pâté and crackers, everyone had a story to tell, and everyone talked at once. We’d all had bumpy landings; one basket scraped the trees as the balloon came in on its final approach; another tipped basket travelled the length of the meadow before coming to an abrupt stop. Everyone had experienced something new and extraordinary – something they’d never forget.
    The excited babbling went on until dark, and then we continued by the headlights of the four chase vehicles. It was a fitting culmination to a wonderful staff experience.
    It was only as we finally prepared to leave that it suddenly dawned on me that this celebration marked the end of my formal career in education as well. I had but one month to go as a school principal.

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On the lighter side, here is a "must-read" book for every principal, teacher, and parent. How often have we been chided for an abundance of hot air in the staff room or at home? This is the story of how one principal used hot air effectively - in a hot air balloon!

Running a school and flying passengers in hot air balloons may seem to be unrelated, but in the end it's all about human relationships - sometimes humorous, sometimes scary, and frequently poignant as well.