Career Development
Seeking the Principalship

A Tried and True Career Development Plan
for teachers with leadership potential
A 150-page comprehensive program in three parts
including strategic activity sheets
Promotions in the field of education don't just happen. Teachers who are considering the principalship as a career need to embark on a definite plan. They need to develop their personal and professional profile and involve themselves in the kind of activity that will enhance their candidacy. Most of all, teachers with leadership potential need to understand the legal, social, and educational responsibilities of the principalship before they face their first interview. Each part of this highly successful program is available separately to allow for a systematic course of preparation. Preview extracts are available.
I Want To Be A School Principal
First, discover what the principalship entails. What personal and professional traits are required? What qualifications and experience do you need? Is the principalship for you? This introduction to the principalship will take you through the steps. With this book you will learn:

  • how to avoid the killer mistake that will destroy your chances of promotion;
  • which single quality is more important than your knowledge, skills, and experience;
  • the five essential personality traits of a successful school principal;
  • and much more...
Strategies for Developing
High Profile
Next, find opportunities for leadership and organization. Engage in some positive strategies to be better known and appreciated.  You may have some valuable skills and expertise, but unless they are well known, you may be overlooked at interview time. With this book you will learn:

  • how to build your image and reputation;
  • how to capitalize on opportunity;
  • How to find high profile spots;
  • and much more...
Successful Interviews
Finally, be aware of new approaches to professional interviews. Know how to prepare yourself for a successful interview. Understand the dynamics and learn how to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes. The interview is your final opportunity to prove your worth. With this book you will learn:

  • three fundamental aspects of evaluation in an interview;
  • seven things to avoid in an interview;
  • some surprising facts about interviewers;
  • and much more...