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Education Administrators Associates was initiated by Dr. John Brownridge, an educator and school principal with an extensive range of knowledge and expertise in the field of Education, and experience in both North America and the United Kingdom. EAA's objective is to offer resource, assistance, and consultation to professional educators in the English-speaking world.

A variety of issues of interest and concern to educators will be presented and considered in this blog on a weekly basis. All educators, whether teachers, administrators or consultants, are invited to comment on the Contacts Page.
As a child, I was convinced that my teachers knew everything. Indeed, the adults around me encouraged me to take my questions and queries to my teachers as if they were experts in every field. I was rarely disappointed, but no doubt a child’s questions were simple enough, and perhaps any adult could have provided answers equally well. When the questions come from adults it is a different matter.

None of us can be experts in every field. Yet, as teachers we are expected to be knowledgeable on a whole range of topics, especially those that relate directly or indirectly to education. The parents of our students frequently have questions and concerns about curriculum, special programs, and new innovations they have heard about through news media. Our colleagues, friends and acquaintances may seek explanations and definitions. It is in our own interest to have a cursory knowledge of issues outside our areas of expertise, and to be capable of providing some insight into a variety of educational topics.

Attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity, for example, are issues that more and more classroom teachers are required to deal with. Most of us can talk to parents about these problems, and we can direct them to programs that offer management and treatment. What about criterion-referenced testing, cue-dependent memory recall, or cultural learning and socialization? These are relevant issues too, and as teachers we need to be familiar with the terms of reference. No one expects us to be experts in everything, but we do need a working knowledge of all aspects of education.

This weekly blog will explore many educational topics. Please check in on a regular basis, and do feel free to submit your comments and questions on the Contacts Page. As teachers, we have a wealth of experience to share.

John Brownridge

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