EAA has developed a number of highly effective resource instruments over several years, calling on the knowledge and expertise of many leading educators, principals and school superintendents.   These instruments have been specifically designed to assist school principals in their leadership roles, focusing on three fundamental areas: Professional Development, Career Development, and Resourceful Organization for Teachers.

Since 1994, EAA resource instruments have been used successfully by thousands of educators across North America. Numerous school boards and education jurisdictions have adopted our professional growth instruments for principals and teachers, and they continue to use them as an integral component of their evaluation process. Our career development programs have been highly successful in assisting educators to reach their career objectives, and our classroom curriculum and organizational materials continue to be used by teachers and parents at all levels.

EAA has recently taken a new turn. We realize that school budgets are constantly stretched to their limits and it becomes more and more difficult for principals and staff to purchase the materials they need. We have decided, therefore to discontinue the costly practice of sending out hard-copy materials by courier and mail. In future all EAA programs and instruments will be available in PDF format on-line only.

Educators in any part of the world are now able to download EAA materials instantly without incurring the unnecessary expenses of postage, packaging, printing and binding. This allows us to make dramatic price reductions. Also, administrators and teachers can take advantage of a 20% discount on orders in multiples of ten, leading to further savings. Updating will be simple and easy as EAA will strive to keep all instruments and programs current and relevant.

We are now specializing in custom-written electronic books for professional educators and others who are seeking well-researched information in the field of education. Our e-books are presented in pleasantly readable academic style, and they deal fully with the material content in a professional manner. Excerpts from the books now on file are readily downloadable for previewing.

Education Administrators Associates
E-Books for Educators
Education Administrators Associates was initiated by John A Brownridge and Paul N Dold, highly qualified school principals with an extensive range of knowledge, expertise, and experience in the field of Education in both North America and the United Kingdom. Their objective was to offer resource, assistance, and consultation to professional educators in the English-speaking world.
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